At the moment I am travelling for a longer time.

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  • Details to some nice albanian places and postcards I made about them you find here.
  • (reports only in German language)
  • 2015 Hiking the Snowdonia Nationalpark in Wales, UK, from south to north (extensively documented)
    Bild: Mauern, Hügel und Wolken
  • 2014 Hiking in Albania through Mirdita to the Tomorr (extensively documented)
    liebes altes Paar bei Val
  • 2013 Hiking in Albania from Bogovë to Gjirokastër (extensively documented)
    Maultiere mit Führer auf Weg mit Flechtzaun und Aussicht
  • 2012 Second trip along the Danube (just a bunch of pictures)
  • 2011 Five weeks with the bicycle through the western Balkan (extensively documented)
  • 2010 With the bicycle through the Baltic States and Poland (extensively documented)
  • OSM-"holidays" 2009 (just a map)
  • 2008 With the bicycle to Istanbul (extensively documented)
  • 2007 With the bicycle to Paris (just maps and images)
  • 2003 With the bicycle to the Baltic Sea and along its coast from Wolgast to Eckernförde (documentation to be done)